Allow BitButcket AWS CodeDeploy add-on to send single commit. (BB-15843)

Issue #12449 open
Gary Sackett
staff created an issue

The BitBucket AWS CodeDeploy add-on is a great way to deploy a project to AWS, but during testing I have discovered that it always deploys the entire project. For large web-sites this will not be acceptable. Ideally the Deploy to AWS link should differentiate between a "branch" and a "commit" so it can send the entire "branch" or only the changes contained in the "commit".

Without this ability, a single change to a single page on a very large web-site requires all pages, files, images, etc to be updated on all servers.

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  1. Jagan Nivash

    yes i too face the same issue , my website total size is 350MB , so if it transfers 359MB for every deployment through S3 & codedeploy its not a right way . By default codedeploy will log previous 5 revision files , so around 1 GB size revision files will be there on Disk

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