Add a clearer message when a Credit card is declined

Issue #12470 resolved
Renato Rudnicki created an issue

It would be good if we could have a clearer information when a credit card is declined so we don't need to raise a support ticket to knows the reason that our Bitbucket account was downgraded.

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  1. Steve Peters

    Yes, especially in the case when a credit card is past its expiration date, it should be much easier to give a more detailed message.

  2. Jonathan Poh Account Deactivated

    We are in the process of reworking our billing notifications (including expired cards) and this will be rolled out in the coming months. Please check and ensure your billing contact (team admin) email address is correct so that the notification emails are received by the right people

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Earlier this year, we updated our UI to show users when their credit card has not been authorized. This message appears within a few days of the card issue and will persist until the account has been downgraded. If there is any other feedback for this new functionality, please raise a new issue on this issue tracker and we'll address it there.


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