Ability to mark files/lines reviewed

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Pierre-Yves Beaudouin
created an issue

When opening a pull request, there can be dozens or hundreds of files. It would be nice to have a way to track which files have been reviewed (tracking at the level of lines of code might be overkill), for instance by adding a checkbox/slider beside each file.

As we can "approve" individual commits, it would be nice to have the same there.

I am aware of the "Task" feature (which I love), but I cannot create a task for every file when a pull request/commit has 20+ files.

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  1. Jonathan Dahan

    Definitely would like it to be able to review per line, and a quick way to mark off a block of code as reviewed. The reviewer who marked off the code/file will collapse the reviewed code so it's much easier to see what's left to review. This will make reviewing code 100x faster.

  2. Thierry Goettelmann

    Yeah, would be really great to be able to review single files.

    Marking file as reviewed would make the file disappear. If the file is updated after a new pull, then the file would reappear.

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