NET_ERR from Webhook when using https & Let's Encrypt SSL (DEVOPS-2351)

Issue #12532 open
Keven Lefebvre
created an issue

Seems like you'll need to allow those:

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  1. Gary Sackett staff

    We will ping our network team and request they add these certs. In the mean time, you can use the check box to disable the cert check to get around this.


  2. antix

    I am getting the same

    We are using a local network install of bitbucket (5.4) and the skip verification option is not available

    The only option for us is not to use https

    Surely @Gary Sackett this needs to be addressed?

  3. Andrew Faulkner

    I am also affected by this issue. Plesk has integrations now for bitbucket + Let's Encrypt and in fact provides Let's Encrypt certificates by default. This led to a few hours of confusion as it wasn't a self-signed cert!

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