Unable to perform workflow actions, comment on issues, etc

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Mattias Bertilsson
created an issue

I have been trying out Bitbucket for an open source project of mine (https://bitbucket.org/MattiasBertilsson/com.osisc.eclipse) and wanted to test the built-in issue tracker.

Having successfully created a couple of issues, I am unable to do much with them using the web UI. Trying to comment on them results in a endlessly spinning busy indicator and the operation has to be cancelled. Requesting a preview of a comment results in a dialog: "Error: There was an error rendering your preview.". Trying to perform workflow actions results in an error marker and raw html dump (see reopen.png).

Commenting and performing workflow actions on issues through commit comments works just fine.

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  1. Theodora Boudale staff


    Are you still facing this issue? I see from the screenshot you provided that you're using Microsoft Edge browser -- does this issue occur in the same repo if you try to perform those actions from a different browser?

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