Amount of pull request comments returned differ in v1 and v2 of the API

Issue #12567 wontfix
Michael Rüegg created an issue


/pullrequests/XXX/comments seams to return different sets of pull request comments for the v1 and v2 API. I noticed that v1 marks certain comments as spam (attribute is_spam) while v2 doesn't return that field anymore and also ignores (=not returns) issues that v1 marks as spam! Is that intended behavior? Also, on what is the spam classification based on?

This means that the Bitbucket UI shows all the comments v1 returns (even the ones classified as spam) while v2 doesn't return all comments shown in the UI!

Best regards, Michael

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  1. Kaleb Elwert

    This is expected behavior. The initial classification of spam is done by Akismet but the average user should not see those comments when browsing issues. The repo admin should be able to mark issues (and issue comments) as not spam if comments are marked as spam improperly.

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