Show absolute date + time for commits instead of relative

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Tormi Talv
created an issue

Commit date should show exact date and time instead of Facebook like "x time ago". Most of the time, I need to see exact date and time of a commit. For me Bitbucket is a power-tool, not a fancy thing.

At least you should make date format configurable.

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  1. Dann Stockton

    A little annoying, but you should be able to hover over wherever you see a date, and get the real time.

    Or you could make a bookmarklet:

    javascript:!function(){for(var e=document.querySelectorAll("[datetime]"),t=0;t<e.length;t++)e[t].innerText=new Date(e[t].getAttribute("datetime"))}();
  2. Jacob Allred

    Looking through the issue tracker, dozens of people have requested this functionality. I suspect the majority of users would prefer seeing real dates, and the few that would prefer "x days ago" wouldn't really notice the difference.

    PLEASE do not mark this as duplicate, resolved, closed, etc! Fixing this (without the use of a bookmarklet) would make life easier for many people.

  3. Gail Parsloe

    I'm wondering how to get the bookmarklet to work. I pasted that code into a bookmark, but it just returns 'true'.

    I 100% agree that it's critical to see the dates, not just a cute 'x days ago' display on the commits and source lists. Hovering over them trying to get a tooltip to figure out and compare the dates is an exercise in misery.

  4. Steven Greenwaters

    I agree with the person who said BitBucket is a power tool, and concealing the date and time with a cute little display of "X days ago" is a prime example of over-engineering. It should not require a bookmarklet or hovering over each individual commit to see the date and time that was already available before it was purposely hidden. At least give users the option to disable this "feature" in the settings. Thanks.

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