Issues are automatically closed after a year of inactivity, even if not fixed

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teo created an issue

In other bugtrackers I have often see issues get automatically closed after they have been in some "needsInfo" or similar status (waiting for a reply or additional information from the original poster). That is already wrong, but at least it makes some amount of sense.

But in this bugtracker I have just witnessed the most stupid thing ever. An OPEN issue gets automatically closed "due to inactivity" after a year of... well, inactivity.

An issue that has been reported, with all the necessary information to understand and fix it, why the hell should it be closed "because" nothing has happened in a year?? That you haven't fixed it in a year isn't by any means a reason for closing it. If anything, it should be a reason to give it more attention.

It's f***ing ridiculous.

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  1. Benjamin Echols Account Deactivated

    We're lucky to have so many passionate users, and we're actively working now to make this issue tracker a better communication channel. Part of that is clearing out invalid issues and those that realistically aren't going to be worked on for some time. Unfortunately an unmanageable backlog of thousands of requests and reports had built up over the years. As we discovered while trying to reproduce and address them, many issues were no longer valid, due to design changes, updates, and bugfixes.

    The Bitbucket team, like any dev team, is always working to balance many priorities with limited resources. So, rather than trying to individually address the (extremely) long tail of issues, we closed those without many votes that had been inactive for a long period of time.

    The wording of the associated message definitely could have been better. As it said, please do reopen any issues you're still experiencing, and we will work to resolve them. The goal is being able to focus and communicate better with you so we can ultimately deliver a better product - please keep the feedback coming.

    Thank you,


    Bitbucket Product Manager

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