Feature Request: open all "related issues" in JIRA

Issue #12711 duplicate
Dominik Bartholdi
created an issue

When looking at a PullRequest or a branch comparison, the Bitbucket UI lists all related issues on the top right in a dropdown menu for selection. This is great, but its quite cumbersome to get them all opened in JIRA to see at all the details. It would be great to have a button to "open all related issues" in JIRA at once. This button would open JIRA with a JQ: "id IN (...)" to list all issues in one window.

As a workaround, we use a bookmark in our browser to do this. This is the little JS script we set in the location of the bookmark (e.g. in Firefox):


...but to make it work, one has to open the "related issues" dropdown at least once.

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