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Raul Neira
created an issue

Hi, when i change my avatar, upload event action not refresh old avatar and worse.. new avatar is change by default avatar (white person blue background) in the top right corner and the commits history of projects. If return to the settings... the new avatar show problemless

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  1. Raul Neira

    Hi, i tried with png and jpg.. and mozilla and chrome brower.. but same results. New avatar is change for default avatar in the history of commits and this conversartion. Other problem, the old avatar (previous image) still appears in the "Latest update" section.

  2. Ana Retamal Ortiz staff

    I've been able to reproduce this issue in my Bitbucket account. The behaviour is not very consistent but mostly is at follows: Note: my Bitbucket account is already integrated with Atlassian accounts.

    1. Click your avatar on the top right corner and go to Bitbucket Settings and click on Atlassian accounts, or go to Manage Atlassian account directly.
    2. Click on Update avatar and upload an image, click Save. The new image is saved. ImageSaved.png However when I refresh the page, it displays 2 different avatars AvatarMismatch.png
    3. Delete avatar by clicking the X on the top left corner of the image and default to gravatar. It shows the default blue and white avatar.
    4. I go to my Bitbucket account, my avatar is displaying the default blue and white picture. I go to Manage Atlassian account again and the avatar is displaying my old avatar.
    5. Once I repeated the process with the same picture for a few times, there was no longer a mismatch at However, looks like it needs some time to show the new avatar in the rest of Bitbucket pages.
  3. Alexander Sajzew

    However when I refresh the page, it displays 2 different avatars

    That seems to be browser-cache related. If I disable caching it show the new avatar in both places. But it has some strange behaviour anyway. Changed my avatar to a cat pic for testing, then reuploaded my old one, after removing a second time and reuploading my normal one the cat reappeared. But like you said, after a few times it stays the right one at

    However, even after over 1 week of waiting it didn't sync over to bitbucket :/

  4. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We've recently made numerous changes to our UI/Integrations that should have resolved or changed the characteristics of this issue. If you're still seeing any issues across the latest major versions of any browsers, please raise a new issue on this issue tracker.


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