Pipelines: When log exceeds limit, consider showing last XXX lines instead of first XXX lines

Issue #12755 resolved
Eddie Webb created an issue

Maybe I am wrong, but I would think someone looking at logs wants to diagnose/troubleshoot, and would be most interest in the last things that happned, not the start.

To that end its annoying to download the entire raw logs to see the last 20 lines I need to understand the failure. It would be nice to just have it say "download to see all lines, here;s the last 500"

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  1. Andrew Goodchild

    Also I would like regular expression based searching as well. That way error messages I have seen before, I can get them highlighted so I know that it is a problem I have seen before.

  2. Javier Ortiz Bultron

    I would suggest looking at how Jenkins does it. You always see the last few lines while monitoring live. Stil can see the whole one upon request which opens on the browser itself.

    Although downloading should stay as an option it shouldn't be the main way to see the output.

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