Pipelines needs project level access controls

Issue #12759 invalid
Andrew Goodchild
created an issue

As bitbuckets can be grouped into projects, we need pipelines to be able to assign users privileges based on their role within a project

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  1. Sten Pittet

    Hi Andrew,

    Could you please elaborate on this request? As pipelines are managed as code it maps automatically on the permissions that you give on your repository. What kind of permissions would you like to apply?



  2. Andrew Goodchild reporter

    In retrospect, this is not a pipelines issue, but more of a bitbucket issue. When people come and go from teams, we have to organize access to each repo they need. Sometimes, we miss a repo or two in the process of adding users. At the moment we have all out teams bitbuckets organised by project per team, it would be allot easier if we could just grant access to repos at the project level.

  3. Matt Ryall staff

    Thanks for the clarification, Andrew. I'll close off this specific issue as "invalid", as I don't think there's an issue that needs fixing in Pipelines as initially described.

    For your permission problem, my recommendation would be to configure a group for each project, and grant that group write permission on all the repositories in that project. Then you can just add the new user to the group when they move on to the project. As long as all your repositories are under the same team account, this should be a fairly simple way to manage permissions.

    In terms of Bitbucket permissions, we see projects more as a container just for grouping repositories, and don't have any plans to add permissions at that level right now.

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