add webhook event for branch and tag creating

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yunjian ni
created an issue

Hi, I want to use bitbucket's webhook service to implement a custom deployment progress.

When a branch named daily/1.0.1 is created or new commit pushed into this branch, my server will upload the static files in /build to /daily/1.0.1/ in Amazon S3.

When a tag named publish/1.0.1 is created, my server will upload the static files in /publish/1.0.1 in Amazon S3

Or did I miss something?

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  1. Levon Zmblyan

    I need this functionality too for automated deployment. The idea is to deploy only tagged versions. So, if there is no webhook related to tag creation event, I can't do that.

  2. Tim Pettersen

    Whilst there's no specific 'tag created' webhook, you could subscribe to the 'push' webhook and look for a payload with the 'new.type' property set to 'tag' or 'branch' and the 'created' property set to true.

    Edit: this won't help Slack users, but will be useful for people who control the webhook consumer code.

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