Text message and Email notifications for pipelines

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Dan Williams
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It would be cool if we had an option to add our phone numbers and set build notifications to be texted or emailed to us

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  1. Sten Pittet
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for the suggestion, this is something that we will be looking into soon for email but I'm not sure that we will be able to do text message notifications yet.

  2. Melanie Drake

    I was also very happy to see a failure email!

    In Bamboo, I can configure deployment notifications for a given environment by selecting one of these options: - Deployment started and finished - Deployment finished - Deployment failed

    Will we eventually be able to configure Pipelines notifications in this way? Personally, I am accustomed to receiving deployment started and deployment finished emails.

  3. Alex Soto

    Yea I just started receiving emails...but the manage notifications link doesn't work?

    For starters, the email goes to an alias (not my account email) so I have no idea where it got that email from.

    In addition, I can't find a setting screen to turn off the emails.

  4. Joshua Tjhin

    Hi everyone, We rolled out email notifications for pipeline failures yesterday as you may have noticed. There are 2 ways you will receive email notifications:

    • watching a repository and subscribing to all pipeline notifications for that repository (failures only for now) - you can unsubscribe on the repo overview page
    • personal failure notifications which you will receive if you triggered the pipeline and it failed - we are iterating on a way to unsubscribe from these notifications and would like to get more feedback. A workaround for this would be to disable all Bitbucket notifications or to filter pipeline emails

    @RichardS thanks!

    @Melanie Drake that was out of scope for the first iteration but great feedback

    @Alex Soto as mentioned, you can unsubscribe from the repository overview page if you are watching the repository for all pipeline notifications

    We would appreciate your feedback so please let us know how you find it.

    Thanks, Joshua Tjhin Bitbucket Pipelines Product Manager

  5. Eric Vonk

    @xtjhin - you mentioned above: "we are iterating on a way to unsubscribe from these notifications and would like to get more feedback". Has this been implemented already? I can't find a way to unsubscribe from failed pipeline messages...

    Thanks in advance!

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