Requires a minimum number of successful builds

Issue #12785 resolved
Rein Groot created an issue

This is already available in Bamboo/Bitbucket. Would be perfect if this would also be implemented for Pipelines:

"Select this option to stop pull requests from being merged if they have any unsuccessful builds. For a pull request, this checks builds that run against the latest commit on the source branch. You must also specify a minimum number of builds - the pull request will not be able to be merged until at least this many builds have completed. Ideally, you should set this to the number of different builds that are configured to run against the branches in your repository."

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  1. Matt Ryall

    Thanks for the suggestion, Rein. This is already possible with Bitbucket merge checks, configured in the "Branch permissions" screen in your repository settings.


    This setting will work for any build system integrated with Bitbucket Cloud, including Bitbucket Pipelines.

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