Better support for escape characters in Pipelines

Issue #12793 resolved
Bjarke Walling created an issue

It could be nice if terminal escape characters were better supported, so animations made by running command line tools is displayed properly. Fx. progress bars and spinners from tools like npm and ava are displayed as many lines. Also background color of text seems wrong in some cases.

Generally it could be nice if command output looked similar to your local console.

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  1. Matt Ryall

    We're recently made changes so Pipelines now runs as a non-interactive shell, which prevents many tools from producing verbose progress bars, etc.

    With this, I think we've done what we can here given Pipelines is getting streamed log files from a build container. Pipelines builds are not actually in a window (tty), so they can't handle the terminal escapes that move the cursor around, etc.

    Closing this issue as resolved. If there are further requests, please raise a bug with a specific example that you'd like to see fixed and we'll see what we can do.

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