Provide project status / build status badges

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Günther Foidl created an issue

On most open source projects badges for project status / build status can be seen in indicating if the last build was successful or not.

Similar to this one:
Build status

Bitbucket Pipelines should offer this too.

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  1. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated


    Thanks for the feedback!

    Just a quick question to everyone who voted on this ticket. Where you would like to use the badge?

    Regards, Joshua Tjhin Bitbucket Pipelines PM

  2. Günther Foidl reporter

    Mostly same as @rw_grim stated.

    Ideally Pipelines provides an image url (raster or svg -- better svg), so it can be easily used and linked in any (markdown) document.

    Maybe something like: < > is placeholder<user>/<project>/addon/pipelines/home#!/badge/branch/<master>?svg=true<user>/<project>/addon/pipelines/home#!/badge/branch/<dev>

  3. Chris Pearce

    It would be helpful on the Overview Page too.

    For example, it could be displayed in the box that shows: Last updated Language * Access level

  4. Sten Pittet


    We recently released the repository pipeline status badge which gives you the status of the latest run on the main branch.

    This status is displayed in the repository overview and it cannot be exported. But if anyone feels strongly about having this as an exportable link please open another issue to track it.



  5. Günther Foidl reporter

    Hi, thx -- this looks great, and has a good amount of information on the central place :+1:

    It seems that it doesn't work on all browsers: Chrome: ok
    Firefox (current): ok
    IE 11: it is loading "forever"

    The same status for public and private repos.

    Edit 2016-09-22: now it works and looks great.

  6. Kolado Sidibe

    So, how do I go about using this feature? The format mentioned by @gfoidl did not work for me.<user>/<project>/addon/pipelines/home#!/badge/branch/<master>?svg=true <user>/<project>/addon/pipelines/home#!/badge/branch/<dev>
  7. GT Tech

    Is there anything that needs to be done to make badge appear on overview page? I am not seeing it on my repository

  8. Amir Sasson

    must have feature! in the overview you show only default branch status.

    i would like to be able which branches to see on the readme. (same as github).

    @Joshua Tjhin any updates?

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