Branching models for BB Cloud

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Janusz Skonieczny
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  1. Anonymous

    Oh, so much inconsistency between server and cloud ... ! I can understand that cloud has more advanced features than server editon, but not less! This is really something that need to be added.

  2. Nikita Magonov

    It is very strange that BB Server and BB Cloud have different functionality.

    What is the development status of this issue? Looks like there are no any actions from Atlassian team since the issue was opened.

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi y'all,

    Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm around this feature. We definitely agree that it's very useful and is something we'd like to bring to Cloud at some point, but at this time we do not have an ETA. We'll update this issue when we have more information.

    Thanks, Alastair

  4. Perry Moutzouros

    So of course I get to a new team and swear this feature is awesome. And then realize that they have cloud instead of server (where I had grown used to this awesomeness) and now I make the sad face. Come on Atlassian. Ive spent my entire career watching you guys miss the target on important features on the server. And now that everyone is moving to the cloud? Another round of "we'll get to it?" Sheesh.

  5. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi y'all,

    Thanks for your interest in this feature! This is still in the backlog, but it's lower priority than other projects at this time. We'll update this issue when it's going to be worked on.



  6. Jay Chau

    How do I leverage the pipeline and JIRA without this?

    What I want to do is when ticket closed, code marge to staging branch and deploy to staging server.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow this is crazy, it was one of the factors for wanting to migrate my team away from Github and now I find out that this feature doesn't even exist for cloud.

  8. Aaron Brockhurst

    I'm stunned that BB Cloud doesn't support this, especially as there's a section devoted to it in the help docs and it's clearly an essential part of most teams development lifecycle.

  9. Simon Stevens

    quoting Aaron above, I can't believe that BB Cloud doesn't have this essential component when it's heavily supported in BB Server and used by most dev teams.

    We're just completing our move from BB Server, and it's pretty devastating to discover this missing functionality. Now I'm worried about what else we are going to find isn't supported.

  10. Anonymous

    I've migrated away from Atlassian Cloud products. There are a lot of problems like this throughout their cloud products. Stick to server until cloud is ready for actual production use, cloud seems more like a beta to me.

  11. Rylan Cates

    +1 - Pretty interesting decision to leave out something so integral to git workflows... Definitely cramping our team's workflow. I would have thought that this would be prioritized over 'style changes'.

    Also, +1 for reasons we're considering Gitlab and JetBrains tooling.

  12. Jo Peel

    +1 Hey Folks! Surely this feature is needed to support seamless Jira & Bitbucket git workflow model in my, and any other, team. I've just come across this issue after ages searching for the feature. I guess there are work-arounds, but they are, well, work-arounds. Seems odd that it didn't make it from the server to the cloud. Looking forward to seeing an ETA.

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