How can I see how many build minutes I have spent or have left in Pipelines?

Issue #12849 resolved
Dave Van den Eynde created an issue

We're still looking for ways to speed up our build, but in the mean time I'd like to get an overview of the build minutes we've already spent this month or the previous months. Where can I see that?

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  1. Igor Nikolaev

    I also wonder if build setup is considered as build minutes? Because it partly depends on whether my image is already present in cache or it needs to be downloaded.

  2. Sten Pittet

    Hi Dave,

    You can find your consumption for the month under the Pipelines usage section in your account settings. To access it you simply go to:<username>/addon/admin/pipelines/usage

    Just replace <username> with your actual account.



  3. Greensunics

    Assuming you have set up a Team under your bitbucket site then follow the steps below you should see your monthly build minutes usage...[0] Log onto your bitbucket site [1] Go to the {Team } Page, then [2] Select {Setting}, then [3] Select {Plan details} Under the Setting

  4. Alek Niemczyk

    I see that paths changed. Now you can find time left here in billing plan details:<account_name>/plans-and-billing/

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