Hide "Teams connect with HipChat!" once and for all

Issue #12862 closed
Roland Franssen
created an issue

Our team page (https://bitbucket.org/<team>/) keeps showing the call-to-action block ("Teams connect with HipChat!") in the right sidebar. After closing it (right upper corner) it dissapears.. only to be shown again on the next refresh.

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  1. Roland Franssen reporter

    Investigated it a bit more.. it seems related to my personal account, some missing setting. If i check the console i see;

    GET https://bitbucket.org/!api/1.0/user/preferences/ro0NL/show-hipchat-dialog/ 404 ()

    To clearify.. i didnt enable the "Bitbucket for HipChat" integration, nor did our team account.

  2. Zachary Davis

    Hey Roland,

    Are you still seeing this? I'm unable to reproduce (closing that HipChat box is permanent for me on several attempts with different teams), and the 404 you note is actually unrelated. If you're still seeing it I can do some additional investigation.


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