Markdown support for display of `` files does not support image sizing

Issue #12877 open
Dylan Muir created an issue

Inline display of images works when bitbucket parses a file in markdown format. However, support for explicitly setting the display size of an image is not present.

For example:

![Some alt text](/private/image.png =250x)

should include the file "/private/image.png", and set the width of the image to 250 pixels.

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  1. Urs Braem

    +1 for image resize, also for issue tracker etc

    This can be reproduced by uploading any cmd-ctrl-shift-4 screenshot from a "retina" mac.
    There are two sides to this:

    • screenshots of smaller parts appear too big

    Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-14 um 16.43.05.png

    • the large image size uses too much bandwith (=slow) and bitbucket server space
  2. Steve Poland

    how does bitbucket lack this feature when github's had it for years? please update with actual useful requested features.

    this feature doesn't even exist in the server edition when company's are paying you $20k/yr.

  3. Arno Welzel

    Well - this issue now exists for nearly 2.5 years. Does Atlassian at least think of solving this?

  4. Urs Braem

    Come on, bitbucket, you can do it!
    You don‘t have to re-render the images, at least give some control over their presentation width.

    ps: why is there a different RTE for commits comments?

  5. Luis Gonzalez

    It looks like bitbucket wont prioritize this feats unless a lot of ppl is really interested, and I'm pretty sure there is a lot of people actually interested on this but they has no way to see interest (to their managers...) other than the VOTE button on top of this issue, so please feel free to vote and promote voting on this issue.


  6. Spencer, Phil

    @jamesclements @jamesyoneda @carolynvo @williamosei @jasonsanchania @robin_miller_ow @luke_maycock_ow Worth getting labs to up vote this feature?

  7. 이상훈

    Hey guys, is this issue solved? I’m new to BitBucket.

    I’m pretty embarrassed to figure out that it has a TOTALLY different way of parsing markdown file from other git substitutes.

    Normally, and as I’ve always done previously, raw inline html expression to insert images works beautifully at both VScode & Github.

    But these are always crashed so ugly whenever I tried to show’em in my BitBucket project page. It’s really sad… 😞

  8. Arno Welzel

    Please VOTE for this issue! Otherwise it will never get solved as it is considered “minor” issue.

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