HipChat notifications on broken tests/builds

Issue #12890 resolved
Jochen Hebbrecht created an issue


We are currently testing Pipelines. Great product! When a build fails, how can we notify a group of persons? Are there any notification settings?


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  1. Riccardo Crippa

    It would be nice also if you could notify using a custom webhook like other services already do. Anyway this is a great product and sometimes is much faster than others.

  2. James Spivey

    @xtjhin repo:commit_status_updated is already tied to my hipchat integration but I never see the completed pipeline notification.

  3. Jon Atkinson

    Is this likely to remain 'minor'?

    We are currently planning our migration away from Bamboo Cloud, and Pipelines seems like the natural replacement, but we need Hipchat notifications to proceed. Is there a timeline for this feature?

  4. Tim Becker

    @xtjhin Guys, really? You'll shut down bamboo in a few days and there is just a way to notify slack? Maybe we should move on also with hipchat and bitbucket...

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