Recognize issue references to current issue in issue tracker.

Issue #12897 duplicate
Garret Wilson
created an issue

In the Bitbucket issue tracker, if I add an issue reference from issue 123 to issue 456 using the # sign, a link to issue 456 is created in issue 123, as I would expect.

But when I go to issue 456, there is no indication in issue 456 that there are issues linking to it.

This is surprising, as this works fine in GitHub. In fact in GitHub I can even reference issues across repositories, and when I go to the target issue it shows that such and such issue referenced it.

People always ask me why I host my code on Bitbucket rather than Github. With issues like this and #8995 (which Atlassian has ignored for years), and more popping up every few days, I am starting to wonder why myself...