Support for building against multiple base images

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I would like to run a single build multiple times against different base images. Eg. if I wanted to test against image: golang:1.6 and image: golang:1.7 to ensure my build and tests work against both versions of Go.

Maybe just allowing the image to be built per step:

image: golang:latest
    - step:
        image: golang:1.6
          - go version
    - step:
        image: golang:1.7
          - go version

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  1. Matt Ryall

    Thanks for the suggestion, but we don't have any plans to offer this as described in Pipelines in the near term. We'll be working on other more highly voted items instead.

    Setting up a custom Pipeline is one workaround, which can be automatically triggered by the Pipelines REST API.

    The other option, not currently supported by Pipelines but under consideration, is adding support for docker run, tracked on #14145.

    You could also use a tool like 'gvm' to manage multiple Go versions in the same container, although this isn't as clean as using multiple containers.

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