mIRC snippets are being showed as plain text. (BB-16152)

Issue #12917 open
Renato Rudnicki
created an issue

mIRC scripts are not being showed with the properly encoding. Actually, after you save those, they are showed as plain text instead of keep the mIRC encoding. This behaviour doesn’t happen using Shell format, for instance.

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  1. westor

    Really the technical part of this company is the worst as i had ever saw... i keep waiting for an FIX into this bug about 1 month now and noone has at least response here ....

  2. Zachary Davis

    From a cursory look, this seems to be a bug with the CodeMirror library we use (we're not on the latest version, but I don't see any mention of mIRC in the subsequent release notes). Unfortunately due to the very specific nature of this bug and low number of mIRC snippets being created, this is not a high priority issue for us at this time.

  3. westor

    The reason of not too many users uploading mIRC snippets on bitbucket is this bug, so don't expect to come more if not be fixed in the future.

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