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RichardS created an issue

It would be great to have the ability to specify some shared steps which will always be executed. For instance we always want to load our submodules, lint the code and run the tests, regardless of branch.

However every time I add a new branch config I have to specify that manually and should we decided to change something in the common process that needs to be changed in several places.

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  1. Steven Vaccarella staff

    This is something we have thought about and may implement in the future, although it is not high on our list of priorities.

    In the meantime have you considered putting the common sequence of code into a separate script that you store in your repository? You can then invoke the script with a single line in each section of the config instead of repeating multiple lines.

  2. RichardS reporter

    That's a good workaround, thanks! It doesn't get the neat division of steps in the build results but it could work for now.

  3. RichardS reporter

    Yes, to some extent. If it would be possible to define a set of steps which can be re-used that would solve my use case as well.

  4. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated

    Thanks, in that case I'll link this issue to that and mark it as a duplicate to help us keep similar feedback on the same issue.

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