I need to assure administrators of repositories of our company are not able to destroy the repository history

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Renato Rudnicki
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The administrator task has many different permissions. Many of those are used in the team. However the admin role can delete the repository, including the evidence of the person deleting. I would like to maintain Team members in the admin role, but to have a way to guarantee the repository history in a way the admin role cannot destroy. Being able to sync, back up, or something in those lines would be good for us.

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  1. Thiago Holanda

    I believe that this feature could be really awesome, in that way, the account could have one Team Agent (like Apple has) as a Super Admin and below of this member, all managers with great powers. This rule, will work just to add new managers and approve any critical request.

  2. Alastair Wilkes staff
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    Hi there!

    There appears to be some interest in this request, so we'd like to get some more details :)

    Given that with DVCS each developer has a full copy of the repository, most if not all code should be recoverable in the event of an accidental repo deletion in the UI (although it's true that issues/wiki would not be).

    Ultimately, we'll always need a permission level that has the ability to totally delete a repository. So let's turn the question around: what are the administrative tasks that currently require team administrator privileges that could be moved to a different hypothetical permission level?



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