This repository has been deleted page shows while not logged in

Issue #13019 wontfix
Jan Willem Verzijden
created an issue
  1. share a private repository link
  2. move the repository (change name)
  3. using the link shared at step 1 will not show the login page but instead it shows a page where it tells you the repository has moved to a new repository, and includes a link to the new repository

the page where the repository used to be should show

  • 404 page not found
  • login page
  • redirected repository page if logged on and has rights to the repository

Comments (4)

  1. Zachary Davis

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we don't (and shouldn't) keep repository access information around after a repository has been deleted. I've created #13304 to help clarify that the redirect will be public.

  2. Zachary Davis

    That is the only way the redirect feature can work. You can simply leave the url input blank and there will be no evidence that the repository ever existed at that location.

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