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Stefanie Summerer
created an issue

We would like to have the same functionality that was implemented for BSERV-2999 in Bitbucket cloud.

It would help our workflow to be able to mark reviews complete even if they are not approved.

Also, when new commits are pushed to the pull request, we'd like reviewers statuses to be reset so they know they need to re-review.

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  1. Tom Davies

    Just to be clear, the "update-PR reset-approvals" / Premium Merge Checks, does this add the Needs Work / Approve buttons to pull requests as is available on Bitbucket server?

  2. Marcel Gwerder

    Really helpful feature that makes it easier do distinguish between PRs that are still in review and the ones that need attention by the responsible dev. Currently write them in Slack to make sure they're aware of it.

  3. Raymond Burrowes

    +1 Also a useful feature since sometimes you just want the code reviewed before you go too far, wasting time. With cloud based distributed teams across different continents, this kind of information shared is essential. Please implement in the cloud.

  4. Jaran Flaath

    Pierre Fransson: I believe that is the core of this feature request, yes (at least the basis for my vote!). Basically transfer the review-statuses that are available in Bitbucket Server to the Cloud-version.

  5. Ryan O'Meara

    +1 - It would be very useful to be able to track that a review has taken place, even if the PR isn't ready for merge, so that that PR requestor knows that people have reviewed the changes and are just waiting on responses/updates

  6. Joshua Gribbon

    For future commenters:

    If you could vote instead of adding a new comment, comments send everyone watching the issue an email, and it clogs up this area where updates would be.

    It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  7. Sebastian Zaklada

    Can someone from Atlassian please let the community know when this essential feature can be introduced? Flipping PRs between authors and reviewers is so essential to the correct code review process that it's a huge bummer we don't have it in Bitbucket Cloud yet.

    @Alastair Wilkes

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