Some markdowns doesn't work as should in issue creating

Issue #13038 closed
Rytis Grincevičius
created an issue

When creating/editing issue or leaving comment we see 'description' field. This field markdowns have these bugs: [New line(enter button)] does nothing - saved text always is in one line, this makes another bug: 'Bulleted list' doesn't work as should - this just writes every element in one line, and makes some of them 'italic'. Here is an example:
first line
second line
* third line

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  1. Kaleb Elwert

    Hello Rytis,

    Bulleted lists currently require an extra newline before the first element:

    • first line
    • second line
    • third line

    To get a newline in markdown, you need to provide an extra newline to denote a paragraph.

    For more information on the markdown syntax, check out this page.

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