Security issue: Allow an organisation to disable public repositories.

Issue #13050 open
Steele Clifton-Berry created an issue

Repositories often contain sensitive data which reflects internal company processes and other secrets which should not be - or are not legally allowed to be - public. There are use-cases where a company might not want any of their BitBucket repositories to be public, ever.

Please add a feature to allow an organisation to permanently disallow/disable the creation of public repositories. This will prevent accidental public repositories which can easily happen for a variety of human reasons.

That is, add a feature which when activated disables the following: the ability to select 'public' for repository visibility on repository creation, and the same in the repository settings page for existing repositories.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Steele,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback and use cases! We'll take this suggestion into consideration as we plan our backlog.


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