Sorting of repositories by "date created" - Feature Request

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Add feature to sort repositories by "date created" - an alternative to "last updated" sorting.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff
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    Hi RB,

    This is an interesting suggestion, thanks for posting it. Would you mind providing a bit more detail on the use case? Do you have a frequent need to find repos by date?

    It's easy for the dashboard to get crowded with columns, hence the request for more info 😄 Thanks!

  2. Anonymous


    Use cases:

    • View order in which repositories where created.
    • Reminisce about past projects. 😢 (maybe)
    • Access older projects quickly.
  3. Rasmus Nielsen

    This feature would be really neat.

    We have a project base repo, which we use for creating new websites from, rather than starting from scratch. This project base is a living repo, that constantly updates based on technology. Now say we found a bug which could be confirmed to have lived in the project base for 3 months. Being able to sort by date created, we could make a list of the few last repos that were created from a faulty project base and correct the error.

    We have too many websites to be able to spontaneously recall which ones were created when and from which version of the base project.

    Please reconsider this feature request, thanks!

  4. Tom Auger

    I'm looking for a way to report on the # projects / repos created within a given year. It's hard at a glance because the most visible date is the last commit date.

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