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Matthew Zartman
created an issue

Add a sidebar with file names in the diff view – In the current Bitbucket Cloud version, you have to scroll the whole way to the top anytime you want to switch between files. This is especially annoying when there are files where only formatting has changed, but you have to scroll through them to go back and forth between two files.

Reference Bitbucket Server for implementation

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  1. Scott Strickland

    What happened to Bitbucket? This used to be the layout for PR's (see here from this blog post from 2012), and one reason I was trying to convince my new team to switch over to bitbucket (my previous company used Stash). The presentation was much more palatable for a lot of types of PRs (namely ones that touch a lot of files). From what I can glean, issues like BSERV-7005 (and others marked as duplicates) have gotten bitbucket to simply mimic GitHub's layout, which is just a massive dump of diffs you have to scroll through. Is this accurate? I'm really sorry to see Bitbucket go in this direction. There also seem to be a number of features (namely, settings / rules for PRs) that have been stripped from the system I was used to. It's a bummer.

    edit / disclaimer: the product I was familiar with was stash, not bitbucket. Whatever happened in the merger, I'm disappointed with the result, and that the product I used to love doesn't seem to be available, or that its features have been stripped down.

  2. Matthew Zartman reporter

    I just could not agree more with everything that you've said Scott. I had been using Stash as well and was very disappointed that the diff view was so different. I was a HUGE fan of going between files using the keyboard shortcuts, it made pull requests so easy to navigate in Stash.

  3. Scott Strickland

    Did some more digging and it seems that the stash I'm used to is not actually Bitbucket (cloud)... it's Bitbucket SERVER... which to my knowledge has to be self-hosted (please correct me if I am wrong here). I had assumed, incorrectly, that BitbucketCloud == BitbucketServer. Is there any plan to merge these products, their presentations & feature sets?

    I just installed a trial locally and this is the familiar product we used at my last company. I'm not sure if self-hosting is a viable option for us, but I will certainly float the idea. Matt, this may or may not be of help to you.

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