Comments on files within Pull Request show "commented on a file but no context is available" under Activity

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Ben Ernest-Jones
created an issue

Our team likes to rely on the Activity tab of a Pull Request to see recent activity specific to a single Pull Request. When a comment is made directly on a specific file (but not on any line of the file, just on the file itself) the Activity tab shows the comment with "commented on a file but no context is available" so there is no way to know (without searching for the comment on the Overview tab) which file the comment was made on. Seems like a bug to me... the context should be available. The comment was made in the context of a specific file.

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  1. Ben Ernest-Jones reporter

    As a side note, it's also frustrating that comments on commits that are part of the Pull Request branch do not appear under the Pull Request Activity tab. I suppose the argument is maybe that the commits themselves are not really part of the Pull Request or something? I'm not sure I'd agree with that statement, but in the end it means that we limit ourselves to comments on the Pull Request Overview since comments on commits are easily lost. It's a shame, since even when a feature branch is kept small in scope and easy to review, it is still sometimes easier to review commit by commit, but then we can't add comments from the Commits view since they often are lost (as in not noticed by anyone). Yes, there's email notification, but someone can turn that on and off... the Activity tab is a reliable history of recent changes to the PR that anyone can look at.

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