No useful error message when specifying a windowsservercore docker image

Issue #13144 wontfix
Oleksii R
created an issue

Next image is used as default for .NET Core:

image: microsoft/dotnet:onbuild

But cause I need Windows Containers image, I am trying to change image to "windowsservercore". Based on information in microsoft/dotnet docker hub, I have tried

image: microsoft/dotnet:1.0.0-windowsservercore-core


image: microsoft/dotnet:1.0.0-preview2-windowsservercore-sdk 

but image has not been downloaded:

docker pull "microsoft/dotnet:1.0.0-windowsservercore-core"
1.0.0-windowsservercore-core: Pulling from microsoft/dotnet
1239394e5a8a: Pulling fs layer
d90a2ac79ff2: Pulling fs layer
cde3fa87b2c9: Pulling fs layer
9f60be4f8205: Pulling fs layer
c4f6347ed968: Pulling fs layer
9f60be4f8205: Waiting
c4f6347ed968: Waiting
1239394e5a8a: Retrying in 5 seconds
d90a2ac79ff2: Verifying Checksum
d90a2ac79ff2: Download complete
cde3fa87b2c9: Verifying Checksum
cde3fa87b2c9: Download complete
1239394e5a8a: Retrying in 4 seconds
c4f6347ed968: Verifying Checksum
c4f6347ed968: Download complete
1239394e5a8a: Retrying in 3 seconds
1239394e5a8a: Retrying in 2 seconds
1239394e5a8a: Retrying in 1 second
1239394e5a8a: Downloading
unknown blob

The following may help:

Based on this SO question the following issue in dotnet-docker has been created: Can't pull microsoft/dotnet:1.0.0-windowsservercore-core

Comments (6)

  1. Sigurdur Birgisson

    Hi @Oleksii R Thank you for submitting this report. As per your linked issue that has now been closed, these are issues issues that need to be fixed in docker and the microsoft/dotnet images. This comment closed that issue.

    Per previous comments, this is the current docker experience when pulling a windows based image outside of a Windows Container environment. The previous comment gives guidance on how to run SxS. These are both docker issues that are not specific to the microsoft/dotnet images. Once fully supported there will be a manifest created for the microsoft/dotnet images that will allow a set of common tags to be pulled from all platforms.

  2. Matt Ryall staff

    Interest in this issue since it was opened has been very low, so we don't have any plans to fix this specific issue.

    However, we are upgrading Docker as part of #14333, so hopefully the original issue which was caused by a Docker bug will be resolved as part of that. We also have some plans to improve logging around container pulls when the build starts, so this may also aid diagnosing problems like this in future.

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