Customer Request: Improve initial commit guide to also help users work out how to add all the other files and commit.

Issue #13149 resolved
Gideon Koh created an issue

Customer request:

Every time when I need to add a repository to Bitbucket - once the repository is created, > we follow the instructions to submit an application from scratch. This is fine for adding the contributors file. I then searched the internet to work out how > to add all the other files and then commit them.

Please just add these commands to the guide to help me and others save time and effort searching the internet. i.e. add git commit -m 'Initial commit' $ git push origin master

The other point is that in the Git CMD window the single quote has to be replaced with a > double quote to work.

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  1. John Woodford

    Really like Bitbucket, just so time consuming to remember or find the instructions. Yes it's quite basic but it's only a few lines on a website to update

  2. Alastair Wilkes staff

    We've added a set of "how to import an existing project" instructions to the new repository page. Hope that helps!

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