Subversion import breaks with Mercurial

Issue #13165 open
Sean Farley
created an issue

The following error happens when trying to import chronolapse from Google Code:

14:03:43 transaction abort!
14:03:43 rollback completed
14:03:43 abort: pretxncommit hook is invalid (import of "libbucket.hooks" failed)
14:03:43 Unable to convert svn checkout to hg

There are many questions I have after looking into bb/ and bb/

1) For imports that are successful (on staging, for instance) the path is:

14:04:39 A sfarley/chronolapse3

2) For imports that fail, we have the path:

14:03:40 A data/c01/n03/s/vs0001/staging/d-808/r-747808

Why are they different?

3) It doesn't seem that we're using REPO_IMPORT_BASE_DIR at all in the import process?

4) Why do we have in /etc/mercurial/hgrc different settings for import?

5) Why can't we always run libbucket.hooks?

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  1. Fernando Najera

    Still happening. Just tried to import and I got the same kind of problem.

    15:40:10 adding BuildProcessTemplates/DefaultTemplate.11.1.xaml
    15:40:10 adding BuildProcessTemplates/DefaultTemplate.xaml
    15:40:10 adding BuildProcessTemplates/LabDefaultTemplate.11.xaml
    15:40:10 adding BuildProcessTemplates/UpgradeTemplate.xaml
    15:40:25 transaction abort!
    15:40:29 rollback completed
    15:40:29 abort: pretxncommit hook is invalid (import of "libbucket.hooks" failed)
    15:40:30 Unable to convert svn checkout to hg
    15:40:30 Svn checkout failed: <class 'bitbucket.apps.async.tasks.ImportException'>: Command failed. Return value: 255
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