Can't unfollow a repo that has become private.

Issue #1322 resolved
Steve Losh
created an issue

I started following a repo when it was public. Since then it has become private. It still appears in my list of followed repos, but I can't get to the repo's page to click unfollow.

Manually typing in the /follow/ URL doesn't work either.

The repo in question is here, if it matters:

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  1. Jeremy Helms

    I believe this bug also ties into the issue tracker of a repo; I'm receiving automated emails from issues [that were assigned to me in a repo, that I now no longer have privileges in] when they're updated -- which I think is somewhat of a privacy issue. It seems trivial, but perhaps this should be addressed sooner than later, since I don't think the administrators of the repos I was a member of, but am no longer, would like me getting status updates -- I know I don't want previous members of my repos getting them...

  2. Eirik Stavem

    Mehmet, could you have a look at this?

    Talked to Jesper about it, and here's what we need to do whenever someone changes the private/public-flag for a repository, or changes reader/writer/admin for a private repository:

    • Check which users are following the repo, if there are followers who are not reader/writer/admin, un-follow them.
    • Same goes for issues inside the repository, if you're following any issues but are not reader/writer/admin, un-follow.

    When deleting a repository, all followers should be un-followed.

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