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Mohammad Norouzi
created an issue

There are times that we have many pull requests. We make comments and create tasks and then developers will update the PR later. When we come back to check the changes they made, we normally can't remember what changes we asked for exactly. This is a large scale application and with so many developers.

So if the file we commented against is changed, we no longer can see the comment or the task unless you go to 'Activity' tab which only shows you the outdated code. We need to have 2 window side by side one with outdated code and the other with the latest code after PR update.

I wish we could see a button or icon in front of each file that the reviewer made a comment and or created a task against it in the PR where the changed files are listed.

Then by just clicking on the button in front of the file, the reviewer could see both outdated one - that is currently can be seen in the activity - and the latest changes side-by-side.

The current side-by-side difference only shows the difference with the target branch to be merged in not with the previous commit

I can assume it is very hard to find what line of code we made comment against to display the task/comment as the newer commits may have radically changed the file but displaying the whole file including the comment/task we created for I believe is possible.

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  1. Mohammad Norouzi reporter

    It doesn't really help because it doesn't appear all the time. I couldn't work out a possible reason for that so I am just guessing that the amount of changes being made or perhaps the number of commits between the outdated comment and the current version is causing it not to appear. It works well when there PR is small with just a few file changes but with big PRs it's random.

    Secondly, th

  2. Zachary Davis

    The outdated comment count should always be there if there are any outdated comments. It will not be shown, however, if there are no outdated comments on the file in question.

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