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Mohammad Norouzi
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There are times that more than 40 pull requests is ready for review. Each PR may have more than one reviewer. Given that fact that at these times developers and reviewers are under pressure, it's very hard to know whether you as a reviewer already done with a PR or not

I wish there was a facility, e.g. a button, for each reviewer that once he/she is done with a PR they can send the PR to a separate inbox, for example "Awaiting update" in a separate tab perhaps. The PR won't come back to "Ready for Review" tab/inbox of the reviewer unless the developer marked all the tasks created by that reviewer.

If the second reviewer hasn't finished his/her review yet, they can still see the same PR in their "Ready for Review" tab.

This way, I as a reviewer don't need to go to each PR only to find out that I have already reviewed this and I just need to wait for an update.

I understand that there is a hint popping up for each PR that tells you if there is open task for the PR or not but that includes other reviewer's tasks as well which is not useful. We may have different reviewers, reviewing different part of a PR.

This also makes the inbox clean and tidy

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  1. Mohammad Norouzi reporter

    Hi @kelwert ,

    That issue is about new states for PRs. Although this one requires new states, it is also about having different inbox for different reviewer. For example, the state of a PR for reviewer A is "work in progress" while the same PR for reviewer B is "Ready".

    Should I copy this in the same issue in comments?

  2. Kaleb Elwert

    I made the other issue a little bit more generic. A rewrite of PRs to make it more friendly for reviews has been on our plate for quite a while. Consolidating ideas about that would probably be a good idea.

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