Allow a user to leave a group

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Maxim Novikov created an issue

I seem to be added to a group of a repository I don't manage (no idea which one). When I manage groups for my repositories that group constantly appear there in the combo box. I failed to find any means to remove myself from that alien group. Please let me know if there is a way, or support it.

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  1. Kaleb Elwert
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    It should be possible to leave a team (there's a button on the team page) but I can see how it could be hard to figure out which one is causing this.

    I'm opening this because it appears to be a problem, but you'll have to contact support by emailing for now in order to get this resolved.

  2. Maxim Novikov reporter

    @Kaleb Elwert

    Yeah, I couldn't figure out whether that group is part of a team and if it is then which one.

    Another strange thing is that I can select that group from the combo when selecting access permissions for a project of a team where there is no such group. Don't you think that it should be filtered out from that combo in such a case?

  3. Daniel Bennett Account Deactivated

    @Maxim Novikov that is presently a permitted action to enable some forking workflows, though, it does have limited value and continued support for this complex case is frequently a topic of discussion.

  4. Ron Burns

    I agree. This is major enhancement. I think originally it wasn't thought necessary to allow users to remove themselves from repositories. Maybe it was assumed that teams would only invite people they wanted to involve in their projects and teams member would have access to the manager of the repositories. But my experience has been that a number teams that I know nothing about have added me without my knowledge. They seem to be using to it advertise or promote their projects. NIce way to get free advertising... I personally felt like I was being spammed . It really turned me off from bitbucket for awhile.

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