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Jorrit Salverda
created an issue

If you look at a user's page you can see the teams he or she is part of, but I would like to see all the repositories this person has access to as well. And in what way this person has access, whether it's through a group or he/she's directly configured as a user in the repository permissions.

Whenever someone leaves our company we have to go through hundreds of repositories to see if this person's access has been revoked completely. This extra tab would make handling that scenario much easier.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Jorrit,

    Thanks for your feedback. Since a user can have access to repositories across many teams, that information is not public. However, there is a quick solution to your problem.

    To remove a user's access to all of your team's repositories, navigate to the "Plan details" page (in team settings) and click the 'x' that appears when you hover over the user in question.

    Hope that helps!


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