Allow users to add permissions to an entire team to a repo

Issue #13360 open
Vivian Choo
created an issue

Currently, Bitbucket does not allow users to add an entire team account/team group to a repo -- the user will have to add user accounts directly... or create a group and add users to the group to allow users in a team account into the repo.

Use Case:

  1. A user wants to grant access to the entire client's team account/team group to a repo under the user account
  2. On current settings, the user will have to know the details (username) of all users in the client's team account to be able to grant them access to the repo
  3. It will be great if the user will be able to add the entire team to the repo just by adding the team name -- or being able to add a group in a team account without the client being a member in the team themselves