Support Bitbucket emojis like :tada: in Pipelines commit messages

Issue #13389 wontfix
Pierre-Jean Leger
created an issue

Pipelines should support emoji in task name like the pull request titles and the commit messages.

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  1. Pierre-Jean Leger reporter

    Hi Joshua,

    We are using emojis to specify the type of a commit (bug, feature, refactoring, etc.). When we were using Bitbucket Pipelines, the commit messages were displayed without parsing emojis.

    Unfortunatly, we no longer use this service

  2. Joshua Tjhin staff

    My colleague suggested that it would be preferable to use unicode emojis (like 😅) as they would also render in other places like terminal. What are your thoughts on that?

  3. Matt Ryall staff

    Bitbucket has full Unicode support in all text fields, which should cover most emoji needs. You can use actual emoji characters in commit messages, Pipelines step names and commands. (Note that the latter will require your build container to support Unicode properly - we have an open issue around this with our default container.)

    We won't be adding chat-style text emoji (like :awesome:) support to Pipelines for the foreseeable future, as there are other high priority tickets we're working on instead. So I'll close this as "Won't fix" for now.

  4. Matt Ryall staff

    Not better, just not feasible to fix all the things unfortunately. We have to pick which stuff we're going to fix, and this one falls off the bottom of the list for now.

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