Changing repository owner causes build history loss in Pipelines

Issue #13396 wontfix
James Giles IV
created an issue

h3. Summary

When changing the owner of a repository Pipelines losses the ability to render past build results and environment variables defined in Pipelines settings.

h3. How to Replicate

  1. Create repository
  2. Enable Pipelines
  3. Create environment variable
  4. Commit a few items to the recently created repository
  5. Move repository under a different owner or create a new repository importing from this one
  6. Enable Pipelines (bitbucket-pipelines.yaml should already exist)
  7. Attempt to view a previous result - left hand panel fails with Failed to load resource Example: url:!/results/%7B77f5e86d-7d54-4c45-8231-8bf75ccad3ec%7D Error:
{"message": "Pipeline with UUID '{77f5e86d-7d54-4c45-8231-8bf75ccad3ec}' not found.", "arguments": {"uuid": "{77f5e86d-7d54-4c45-8231-8bf75ccad3ec}"}, "key": "result-service.pipeline.not-found"}
  1. Enviroment variables are not imported

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