Move location of Pipelines when not enabled

Issue #13401 open
Joseph Keller created an issue

Just recently, your team added 'Pipelines' under the Navigation submenu for every project. It doesn't matter if the project is a Windows, iOS, or OSX build. Everyone gets to see this new menu option regardless if their project can use Pipelines or if it's enabled.

I propose that when Pipelines is disabled for a project, it gets hidden under the Navigation submenu instead of making it a permanent feature under navigation that probably a sizable amount of projects hosted on BitBucket can't support (or have disabled for their project). Once enabled, Pipelines could then be visible under Navigation. I have no problem with Pipelines or its visibility for projects that can utilize it and that it's enabled for. I have a problem with it being visible for every single project even if it's not enabled and the Pipelines cannot support the project.

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