Cannot clone git-lfs objects using deployment keys

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Jesse Yowell created an issue

conq: unhandled exception

This error occurs when cloning the git-lfs objects from a repo using a deployment key.

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  1. zolka

    To see this message, you actually have to do some digging into git with GIT_TRACE=1, the original problem manifests itself with:

    error: external filter git-lfs smudge %f failed 2 error: external filter git-lfs smudge %f failed

    when trying to "git checkout .".

    So the workaround is not to use a deployment key, but instead use the application password? What exactly needs to be done after adding the application password with web UI? Also, I've found that application passwords are for users, but what if the repo is owned by a team?

  2. Jesse Yowell Account Deactivated reporter

    zolka -- I believe we are trying to get away from authenticating as a team account. This was a legacy feature that we no longer support. Basic auth works (somewhat) for now, but we won't be supporting this long term. I think our best option right now is to actually fix this bug so we can use deployment keys again

  3. zolka

    Ok, but are there any detailed instructions on how to actually use git LFS with application password when repo is owned by a user?

  4. Jesse Yowell Account Deactivated reporter

    Zolka, you should be able to use the "app password" as a normal authentication method (with username) via HTTPS. I don't think this will affect anything if you are primarily using SSH.

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