Send notification of first successful build after failures

Issue #13408 open
Ville Skyttä
created an issue

It's nice that PIpelines sends mails of failures. But it would be nicer if it sent them also for the first success after failures, so one could get instant notifications when things are back to normal instead of having to find it out by other means.

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  1. Rhodri Pugh

    The ticket marked as dupe was asking for a build success email on the first successful build on a PR.

    The use-case for this is that we use merge conditions that require a successful build before merging the PR, so having a success email lets us know when it's ok to merge the PR, rather than having to keep checking back to find out when it goes green (our builds take 10-12 mins, but pipelines can be very variable in performance so it can go much longer sometimes).

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