Bitbucket Cloud API "url" field does not accept spaces

Issue #13439 open
Ronald Chia staff created an issue


When including spaces ("%20" / "+") within the URL field while perform an API request :

curl -iX POST -u "$user:$password" -d url="" -d key=build -d state=INPROGRESS '<username>/<Reponame>/commit/46be58e746215a4d2baa5673711be563a531311f/statuses/build/'

Bitbucket Cloud Returns with the error below:

{"error": {"fields": {"url": ["Enter a valid URL."]}, "message": "Bad request"}}

Expected Results

  • 201 Status Code (Able to add the build status successfully)


Have tested with removing the space and add other symbols (eg. &, %21 etc.) and manage to update the status build.

This is related to BBS-41888

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