@ Mention changing after save in pull request description area

Issue #13480 closed
Tom Krupka
created an issue

When I @ reply/mention someone for instance @Nick DeNardis, typing in the first four characters "n-i-c-k" the preview shows correctly * hit enter and the person on my team is there

After hitting the save/comment button, it changes to whomever owns @Nicholas Tatonetti, even after displaing the person @Nick DeNardis that is on my team.

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  1. Kaleb Elwert staff

    I haven't seen this and haven't been able to reproduce it yet. When you hit enter, it should replace the @ mention with the nick of the targeted user... it doesn't look like that happened in your case.

    What browser and OS are you using?

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As there has been no activity on this issue for some time, we're closing it. If you have any continued issues with Bitbucket Cloud, please raise a new ticket or open a support request at support.atlassian.com.

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